Friday, January 25, 2013

William Kenneth Koolik

So Moving on from my last sad post, to a happier one.

I want to introduce William Kenneth Koolik.

Born Aug 29
Time:    3:10
Weight: 8lb 4
Length: 51cm 
Head:    31cm

He arrived a day before we had booked in for a C-section, and as advised by my OB we continued on with the C-section. While I was lying on the observation table waiting to find out what was going to happen, my Husband and my OB talked about suitable times. Nik pipes in saying that he had to go to court that morning so if possible could we book her in for after 2pm some time, to which my OB said "oh yes yes that will work perfect"  Nice to know Priorities. 

Back to William.

God has remembered me, William is a joy to my life, I have never been so relaxed and in control of my life while having a new born then now with William. 

He sleeps, he giggles, he doesn't cry, he sits and watches the world go by, waits patiently for his turn to have a book read to him. 

Before you start slapping me around the face, or punching me. I would also like to add that I do feel at peace with My beautiful family of Boys, ( although having such an easy last child makes me think I could try again)  Hmm Until I saw the lady walk in to the hair dresses with her 4 older boys and a little blue bundle in the carrier... My luck will be twin boys next. LOL.... 

How can you not love this smile... it melts my heart every time I see it, He is really just so CUTE!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Okay, where to start... A new year with new adventures.

Tonight I write about my biggest life changing event since last posting... Having another BABY!!

I absolutely loved being pregnant this time round... I aways love it, but this time was fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

Not Only did I get to be pregnant again, but I go to be pregnant with my sister :)

Our babies ended up being only 10 days apart. (Couldnt have planned it better if we tried)

But this Blog is not about Me being pregnant with my sister, or pregnant full stop, But more about how I felt when we found out the big news of what sex I was carrying. 

I booked in for my scan at the most earliest week I could, week 16. I was more closer to 15 but lied a little because I really couldn't wait any longer. 

We had tried every wives tale under the sun to conceive a girl! I read countless books, google searched it a million times.  No secret! I wanted a girl. My prayers became urgent, and repetitive, I had to do my part for God to do the rest.

Lying on the ultrasound table chatting very nervously waiting.  I was there for one thing only. To find out the sex of my baby.  So here it is... the image appears, before she can share the news to me, I can see what it is...(I had googled it so often I knew what to look for) 

A BOY!! 

I stopped my nervous chatting, I put on a brave face to show that having a healthy baby was good enough for me.  

As soon as the door to my car shut, I cried!!! and then cried some more. A boy. I already had two. 
Didnt God realize how desperate I was. How desperate I am!!

I felt guilty for grieving over a healthy baby, a perfect baby. 
But I wont lie, its hard. Hard watching these beautifully dressed baby girls, in their beautiful dresses and hair bands. Hard knowing that I will be talked about as the poor mum with all boys (I know it happens because I did it myself)

I dont get to help plan a wedding, be filled with Joy of seeing them fall pregnant and have their own babies. 

My boys will replace me with another beautiful woman in their life! 

I still have my moment of tears :(  But Alas, I can not forget why I am here, why God has given me these three boys... I need to remember....

I have the responsibility to make sure these boys grow up Loving GOD
I will show them how to treat others with kindness and love
I will spoil them with motor bikes, ski trips and camping 
I WILL be the best mother in-law EVER!!!

I LOVE THEM!! and thank God for them every day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contagious laughing

Oh the joys of having boys. Well children in general I guess.
I was reading something funny on my iPad this morning that made me laugh out loud.

Now Peter dosnt know how to read in fact even if he did he wouldn't have found it funny.
But watching mummy laughing at this made him want some of this good action. So he came over put his face on the iPad had a little read then burst out laughing too.

Laughing is that contagious. In fact it made me think would else is contagious?

Is raising my voice rubbing off onto him too, we all know they are little parrots when they hear us say bad words.

What about greediness and bitching about someone.

Lord please help me to have good contagious actions and words, so my beautiful boys see you through me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gift of Giving

Last week has been a terrible week for those in the flood affect areas.
It has been the only thing flickering back at us on from the television screen.

What can I do to help, having children meant that I didn't want to take them down there to help clean up, or even try and find the time to cook some yummy food for the volunteers like some awesome mums I know, Have been doing.

However, after seeing a facebook post from Caboolture church asking for supplies of different sorts I just knew this was one way I could do my little bit.

So I got Peter out to help me, asking him which toys he would like to give to the little children who now had none.
I wasn't sure he would understand, but he did, I didn't think he would actually want to give anything, But he parted with a lot.

'Hmmm Yes!!' would be the answer. 'Hmmm Yes' I don't play with that anymore.

'What books should we give them?', 'Hmmm This one, This one, This one'.

I was so blown away by his actions, we ended up with two boxes full of things Peter once treasured.
I am so proud to be a Mummy, a Mummy to my two little beautiful boys, who constantly teach me how to live a life for God.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Olivers 1st Birthday

Has a year really gone already? Can Oliver really be One years of age.
My head is in a fog, my mind cant comprehend how much can happen and change to a tiny newborn in one year.

Oh and on a different note, reminder to self, dont have babies in december. Birthdays get forgotten and lose there specialness. The one day we get to spoil them rotten and show how special they are to us and I go and give birth two days after christmas.


I know there is sooo much more for me to update you all on.... christmas.... life in general. But that will have to wait till another date.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fluffy Mail

Hooray they have finally arrived... all 24 of them... all neatly packaged and colour coordinated.
Things are going to change for good.

Its day 3 and using these nappies has been no extra effort at all... well apart from stuffing them, and then also washing them. But so far my attention has not gone astray and we still have a positive relationship.

Its not just the new cloth nappies we are now modeling, but chucks cloths for wipes, and bamboo sachets to help deodorize the stink. Im impressed with the new set up. 

It almost feels like Im doing a little good in the world of rubbish tips and healthy bums. 

Monday, November 15, 2010


Okay so My sister got me onto this site.
This guy started up an idea where for every shoe he sold he would send one to a child in need.

In fact TOMS has given over one million pairs of shoes to children in over 24 countries.

I wouldn't mind wearing a pair for myself. And there are some funky adult shoes, However this is a post about the super cute shoes I am about to purchase for my little boys. When they are old enough I would love for them to know that by wearing these shoes they are giving to another child just like them who have needs just like them.

Head on over to his website for more fun styles. while your there have a read of his interesting story and movement.

Ash Canvas Classics Tiny TOMS
                                 TinyToms Ash Canvas
And look at these super cute ones for little girlies (not my boys, just dreaming about that girl)

Pink Glitter Classics Tiny TOMS


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome BUBBA Saunders

Okay so I dont have any photos yet.. but I will very soon. I just wanted to brag about having another beautiful Niece.

One moment in particular that I wanted to write about was when I got the phone call from my beautiful twin with the news about the new arrival.

Her voice was shaky.. the moment had only just happened.. and for her the disbelief of a miracle still fresh in her voice.  "Shes so beautiful" ... I could imagine that the event that had just taken place was only really starting to sink in. "Shes perfect" ... As only a mother could judge.

Amy OH Amy,  Well Done... you have achieved something that only woman can achieve. Something that God has created our bodies to cope with. Something that you will forget about the bad and remember the feeling of what it was like seeing her for the first time.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eco Child

So Im finaly going to give it a go, cloth nappies that I thought were too hard and gross to ever be worth it, will be joining my family any day now. 

BumGenuise Cloth Nappies,  grasshopper green, very cute, very fun and Very practical. 

Here is a list of why we have chosen to try the Reusable nappy:

better for your baby's health
more comfortable
more reliable containment + greater absorption
help reduce the incidence of nappy rash
do not have the health disadvantages of disposables
Better for the environment

Oh and cheaper...

Granted I haven't received them in the mail yet, and haven't given them a try, so I will need to keep you posted on weather these nappies do everything I am convinced they will do. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bath time bliss

Oh I love watching my boys in the bath, the water seems to calm them down and distract them from their crankiness and crying.

Oh how I love seeing them laughing and playing together, making funny noises and splashing each other.

This is why we do it, why we survive sickness, crying, whirlwind days. Sleepless nights and broken treasures. Stretch marks and saggy bellies.

For moments like these, where their happiness sings straight to your heart. Gods heart.

One word LOVE