Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fluffy Mail

Hooray they have finally arrived... all 24 of them... all neatly packaged and colour coordinated.
Things are going to change for good.

Its day 3 and using these nappies has been no extra effort at all... well apart from stuffing them, and then also washing them. But so far my attention has not gone astray and we still have a positive relationship.

Its not just the new cloth nappies we are now modeling, but chucks cloths for wipes, and bamboo sachets to help deodorize the stink. Im impressed with the new set up. 

It almost feels like Im doing a little good in the world of rubbish tips and healthy bums. 

Monday, November 15, 2010


Okay so My sister got me onto this site.
This guy started up an idea where for every shoe he sold he would send one to a child in need.

In fact TOMS has given over one million pairs of shoes to children in over 24 countries.

I wouldn't mind wearing a pair for myself. And there are some funky adult shoes, However this is a post about the super cute shoes I am about to purchase for my little boys. When they are old enough I would love for them to know that by wearing these shoes they are giving to another child just like them who have needs just like them.

Head on over to his website for more fun styles. www.toms.com while your there have a read of his interesting story and movement.

Ash Canvas Classics Tiny TOMS
                                 TinyToms Ash Canvas
And look at these super cute ones for little girlies (not my boys, just dreaming about that girl)

Pink Glitter Classics Tiny TOMS


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome BUBBA Saunders

Okay so I dont have any photos yet.. but I will very soon. I just wanted to brag about having another beautiful Niece.

One moment in particular that I wanted to write about was when I got the phone call from my beautiful twin with the news about the new arrival.

Her voice was shaky.. the moment had only just happened.. and for her the disbelief of a miracle still fresh in her voice.  "Shes so beautiful" ... I could imagine that the event that had just taken place was only really starting to sink in. "Shes perfect" ... As only a mother could judge.

Amy OH Amy,  Well Done... you have achieved something that only woman can achieve. Something that God has created our bodies to cope with. Something that you will forget about the bad and remember the feeling of what it was like seeing her for the first time.