Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last saturday night, my boys had a sleep over... well untill 10pm. While the adults played board games on the kitchen table the kiddys were put to bed.

Our fingers were crossed hopping, wishing that this sleep over would work... and I not sure if it worked the way we thought it might... but it did work.

They had loads of fun, giggling, chatting, running a muck. At one stage one had striped down to the nappy while the one played in the corner with the lego and the other hid under the bed.

Do we go in and try and shut them up and make them sleep, or do we sit back and listen to them having the night of their little lives.

I dont have any photos of the shenanigans that went down, but I found a picture of a rooms I want to have in my house. A bunk room, where each child has their own little corner for their little secrets and stories. while being in the same room where imagination and games can continue into the night.

Photo courtesy of Oh Dee Doh
The curtains are fun and add privacy on this built-in bunk. Imagine lots of kids playing peek-a-boo behind them!

Photo courtesy of Oh Dee Doh

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hats... What is so mesmerizing about them? Why does Peter insist on turing everything into a hat... from the bucket to the ice cream tub.... even some of mummies 'clean' Undies.

Today he found something else, and even shared it with Olli ( who by the way should be asleep but instead has shimmied his way to the end of his bed, so he could tap on his tin money box)
Olli was not interested so it came back to Peters head.

I love this child like behavior, the ability to find fun in everything, imagination, exploring.
Have I forgotten what it is like? and how to be like this?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Heres a photo I stumbled across the other day. Mummy with Oliver. on a rare outing to suttons beach. (I was feeling a little too big at this stage)

They have arrived. and how cute are they? although looks like Oli is already growing to big for this robot one. guess I will just have to pass it on to my little nephew. he will look soo cute in it over summer.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

So here they are. my beautiful. my yummy. my incredible. BOYS!!!

Meet Peters new Girlfriend. (Lets call her 'Julia' ). Daddy must have been giving him secret lessons on love. While Julia's long time boyfriend sat next to her, Peter weaseled his little paw onto her lap. Then Refused to leave her side all night. LOVE

mind you. who could resist him. just look at him in his suave clothes and casual pose.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last one for today I promise. One beautiful oriental fifty found a cool website a while ago and I have yet to post the results of it. so here it is. Peter before I grew his hair long.

Go on. go make your own memories. laphotocabine

While the baby bears sleep. Mummy bear shops!!!
Sometimes I wish I had little girls arn't these little shoes so delicious I found them on by ivoy & moss I may just have to buy some for my little niece instead

Now we are talking, I just cant go past some Threadless Tees. Lil Olli is going to break hearts in these funky tees.

I just couldnt resist adding these photos of Oliver, isnt he just sooo Yummy. Look at that smile, and big chummy cheeks. I could just eat him alive.

Peter is so in love with books, and this one is his favorite. I often find myself laughing out loud while driving in the car because all I hear is...' Oh car....oooo Truck..... OOOOO Boat.....Big Boat'

Its always so exciting no matter how many times he reads it.

They Have arrived, and really quickly too, I swear I ordered these two days ago.
Thanks to tildys She did an amazing job hand stamping these. If you want to check out more of her stuff click here

Peter thinks its great having a spoon that says his name on it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Like Daddy

You are so much like your Daddy its not funny. Only your daddy would poke his tongue out while concentrating.

I have found that Oliver loves playing with musical instruments. This one being his favorite one to hit.
He could sit there for ages just hitting it over and over again, letting out little squeals of delight.