Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eco Child

So Im finaly going to give it a go, cloth nappies that I thought were too hard and gross to ever be worth it, will be joining my family any day now. 

BumGenuise Cloth Nappies,  grasshopper green, very cute, very fun and Very practical. 

Here is a list of why we have chosen to try the Reusable nappy:

better for your baby's health
more comfortable
more reliable containment + greater absorption
help reduce the incidence of nappy rash
do not have the health disadvantages of disposables
Better for the environment

Oh and cheaper...

Granted I haven't received them in the mail yet, and haven't given them a try, so I will need to keep you posted on weather these nappies do everything I am convinced they will do. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bath time bliss

Oh I love watching my boys in the bath, the water seems to calm them down and distract them from their crankiness and crying.

Oh how I love seeing them laughing and playing together, making funny noises and splashing each other.

This is why we do it, why we survive sickness, crying, whirlwind days. Sleepless nights and broken treasures. Stretch marks and saggy bellies.

For moments like these, where their happiness sings straight to your heart. Gods heart.

One word LOVE

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am at my wits end with this continuos sickness. Why has it lingered? My poor little boy has a flu again.
Im not sure the doctors really know whats going on, I guess with little ones you cant find all the symptoms.

Does anyone know of a great doctor? Im willing to travel to meet them. Id do anything to stop this unhappiness.

New Toys

So my little Nephew is turning one. And Im trying to find suitable present for him.
There are just so many to choose from in the toy world we live in. Where to start?

He has a little collection of schleich Animals, they are super cool, heres a few of the cool ones.

How about something from etsy?

Little Hippo TEETHING TOY - natural wooden teether for infants and toddlers

Keo the Charcoal Giraffe Plush

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sorta Fairytale Photo Challenge - Precious Moments

This one was a hard one to do. only because I had a hard time trying to decide which photo to submit.
In the end I choose this one. it sums life up for me. the miracle of new life. a moment captured. paused. revisited over and over. the look of investigation. 'who is this person we have just brought into our lives?'

Friday, October 8, 2010


Peter is ill. His eyes are glassy. His lips are dry. His voice is horse. His tears are constant.
Lord Please place your healing hand on my beautiful boy. I cant handle seeing my little one not happy. 

Its funny how when you have your own child you start to realize what this unconditional love is like. what it feels like to love without wanting. needing. expecting anything in return.  
This love that makes your heart hurt when your boys are sad and crying. hurting. looking to you for comfort. 
Is this that love that God has for us, does he hurt this much when he sees us sad and sick. 

When will this plague of sickness leave my family, first Olli, now Peter. 
Fever go away. Ear infection see you later. you croup your not wanted in my house. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jane Austin

I know the title sounds non boyish, but the affair was quite the opposite.
The other weekend was My sister in-laws 30th. She is a Huge Jane Austin fan. so it was only fitting that she had a party with a theme of Regency period.

The Boys had so much fun, Im sorry to admit that I ran out of time making them costumes so they had non, but my husband looked the part.

There was running races, ribbon sticks, may-poles, sack races. Everything.

A Great day, as you may see from the collection of photos I took.
Peter had his first running race, even though he didn't understand the winning part, he had fun joining in.

We love parties, event to get together as a big family and just play. So many cousins that it doesn't happen that often but when it does, the kids have sooo much fun.


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