Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Grandma's Touch

Thank Goodness for Grandma's!
Where would we be without them, they help us clean our houses when we are sick, pay for our food, buy us clothes, sing you songs of God, read you books, and rock you to sleep when you are sick.

What would we do without Grandma's? Im lucky I havent had to answer that question. I hope I never do. Oliver You have been sick of recent, Grandma was there holding you close. giving you cuddles and sharing warmth with you. LOVE!

Not to mention Grandudds, shesh, I will leave that for another blog... Theres alot to say about them too.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Toilet Training Day ONE

Day One:

1 Wee on the grass
4 Wee's on the tiles
1 in the Toilet. YAY!!!!! 

So I thought today went rather well, We did a lot of running out doors in the dude. 
That was fun, I also found the potty I brought a long time ago.

This helped when we went inside and watched TOY STORY!! YAY Peter did a wee in it. 

I couldn't help but take some photos of him, he was so cute, and grown up looking. Where is my baby?

As For Oliver, shheeesshh He's still sick, and not very happy, MY poor little more boy. 

Anyway tomorrow is pre-school, Im going to tell them Iv started, but Im not sure if much will happen. Wednesday is another day though. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toilet Training

So The dreaded week has arrived, I have been making up excuses for a while now... 'Ill wait till its warm'... 'After Camp'... Well After Camp has arrived and so now is the week.

Lets see what will I need to prepare myself for TOILET TRAINING Peter!!( Just to clarify that it Peter who needs the Training, not me)

We went to the shop and brought some cool stickers. I also found a rewards chart to print out and put on the Door to the Toilet. Next were the Thomas Undies picked out by Peter himself.

SOO What now? Any Suggestions?

Do I buy some Stairs for the loo or use a potty? Do we try no undies in the back yard or timing it and sitting him on the toilet at intevials?
Too Many questions really.

Its not so much training for Peter, But Me really. I lose interest in things quickly, so if this is going to work, I need to really focus and keep at it. AHH Its sounding scary already.

I did read a good book a friend lent me called.... Potty Training in One Week. By Gina Ford

Her Website had some other really good Ideas and Resources Called the contented baby
On it was another book that Iv seen a couple of times in the shops. Which I thought would be quite fitting for my Peter.

I would Love some feed back on this topic. Any ideals that worked for you?

Monday, September 13, 2010

On Sunday we ventured out to some local markets in old Petrie town. They werent too bad really.

Peter found boxes of toys to rummage through, while I found some cool vintage cameras to add to my slowly growing collection. My main buy was this cool chair and retro rocking sled.

Im now trying to decide what to recover the chair in. It will need a nice coat of lacquer.

Im naming it the reading chair, a place where loads of story telling and cuddling will happen.

alphabetty - screenprinted fabric in rose pink on oatmeal

Check out this fabric by summersville Super Cool

How about something like this using Ikea Fabric

Im loving these ones by Design * Sponge

Now my only issue will be trying to choose which fabric I want to use.
Any thoughts?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tea Party

Morning tea anyone?

I love shopping on etsy. Aren't these just simply delicious looking.

We did a little afternoon frolicking out at Watson park yesterday, just to check out some fun spots for a photo shoot. Unfortunately my boys weren't co-operating for me. However such is life when your taking photos of kids. Kind of makes the photos more real. Lets face it, we do still need to document the un-happy times too.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today we had fun times Sam come over to play...and play they did.
Ever notice that kids only have one speed...Non-stop....Fast.

The constant giggling, 'Peter come', 'Sam- look'... Chat Chat Chat.
Jumping, running, Chasing kitty Cat, climbing, cleaning ( they cleaned my windows for me)
spraying water, swinging, sliding, more running, more giggling.

I love the pure excitement for life children have. Life's just one big game. Isn't that how God wants us to be? How he created us? Where has that Pure Excitement gone?

Of course they were never still enough for me to get a good photo

Saturday, September 4, 2010


How can I even start to write about how much we love our daddy.
He is so gentle and so loving towards his boys, So fun, So spirtual.

He wakes when they wake and lets me sleep in, he helps put them to bed ( although he sometimes gets them up too if they arent sleeping)

He wants them in his bed when they are sick, He takes them out on fun trips, he spoils them, he loves them.

We love you!!!!

Strawberry Picking

Last Thursday we had the fun of Strawberry Picking.
Thanks to the Kind Owners of a Strawberry Farm.
The Kids (all 12 of them) Just loved it. And I dear say the parentals did too.

The Strawberries were to die for.... Big, Juicy, Red and sweet. There was so many that we starting getting picky in our picking. Too small, Not red enough, Too Abnormal in shape.

Our Fridges are now full, our freezers are over flowing, our neighbors are happy, their neighbors are happy, Our kiddies now know how strawberries grow ( And Now I do too)

I couldnt resist adding this last one of Olli, He melts my heart.