Friday, January 25, 2013

William Kenneth Koolik

So Moving on from my last sad post, to a happier one.

I want to introduce William Kenneth Koolik.

Born Aug 29
Time:    3:10
Weight: 8lb 4
Length: 51cm 
Head:    31cm

He arrived a day before we had booked in for a C-section, and as advised by my OB we continued on with the C-section. While I was lying on the observation table waiting to find out what was going to happen, my Husband and my OB talked about suitable times. Nik pipes in saying that he had to go to court that morning so if possible could we book her in for after 2pm some time, to which my OB said "oh yes yes that will work perfect"  Nice to know Priorities. 

Back to William.

God has remembered me, William is a joy to my life, I have never been so relaxed and in control of my life while having a new born then now with William. 

He sleeps, he giggles, he doesn't cry, he sits and watches the world go by, waits patiently for his turn to have a book read to him. 

Before you start slapping me around the face, or punching me. I would also like to add that I do feel at peace with My beautiful family of Boys, ( although having such an easy last child makes me think I could try again)  Hmm Until I saw the lady walk in to the hair dresses with her 4 older boys and a little blue bundle in the carrier... My luck will be twin boys next. LOL.... 

How can you not love this smile... it melts my heart every time I see it, He is really just so CUTE!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Okay, where to start... A new year with new adventures.

Tonight I write about my biggest life changing event since last posting... Having another BABY!!

I absolutely loved being pregnant this time round... I aways love it, but this time was fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

Not Only did I get to be pregnant again, but I go to be pregnant with my sister :)

Our babies ended up being only 10 days apart. (Couldnt have planned it better if we tried)

But this Blog is not about Me being pregnant with my sister, or pregnant full stop, But more about how I felt when we found out the big news of what sex I was carrying. 

I booked in for my scan at the most earliest week I could, week 16. I was more closer to 15 but lied a little because I really couldn't wait any longer. 

We had tried every wives tale under the sun to conceive a girl! I read countless books, google searched it a million times.  No secret! I wanted a girl. My prayers became urgent, and repetitive, I had to do my part for God to do the rest.

Lying on the ultrasound table chatting very nervously waiting.  I was there for one thing only. To find out the sex of my baby.  So here it is... the image appears, before she can share the news to me, I can see what it is...(I had googled it so often I knew what to look for) 

A BOY!! 

I stopped my nervous chatting, I put on a brave face to show that having a healthy baby was good enough for me.  

As soon as the door to my car shut, I cried!!! and then cried some more. A boy. I already had two. 
Didnt God realize how desperate I was. How desperate I am!!

I felt guilty for grieving over a healthy baby, a perfect baby. 
But I wont lie, its hard. Hard watching these beautifully dressed baby girls, in their beautiful dresses and hair bands. Hard knowing that I will be talked about as the poor mum with all boys (I know it happens because I did it myself)

I dont get to help plan a wedding, be filled with Joy of seeing them fall pregnant and have their own babies. 

My boys will replace me with another beautiful woman in their life! 

I still have my moment of tears :(  But Alas, I can not forget why I am here, why God has given me these three boys... I need to remember....

I have the responsibility to make sure these boys grow up Loving GOD
I will show them how to treat others with kindness and love
I will spoil them with motor bikes, ski trips and camping 
I WILL be the best mother in-law EVER!!!

I LOVE THEM!! and thank God for them every day!