Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gift of Giving

Last week has been a terrible week for those in the flood affect areas.
It has been the only thing flickering back at us on from the television screen.

What can I do to help, having children meant that I didn't want to take them down there to help clean up, or even try and find the time to cook some yummy food for the volunteers like some awesome mums I know, Have been doing.

However, after seeing a facebook post from Caboolture church asking for supplies of different sorts I just knew this was one way I could do my little bit.

So I got Peter out to help me, asking him which toys he would like to give to the little children who now had none.
I wasn't sure he would understand, but he did, I didn't think he would actually want to give anything, But he parted with a lot.

'Hmmm Yes!!' would be the answer. 'Hmmm Yes' I don't play with that anymore.

'What books should we give them?', 'Hmmm This one, This one, This one'.

I was so blown away by his actions, we ended up with two boxes full of things Peter once treasured.
I am so proud to be a Mummy, a Mummy to my two little beautiful boys, who constantly teach me how to live a life for God.

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