Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contagious laughing

Oh the joys of having boys. Well children in general I guess.
I was reading something funny on my iPad this morning that made me laugh out loud.

Now Peter dosnt know how to read in fact even if he did he wouldn't have found it funny.
But watching mummy laughing at this made him want some of this good action. So he came over put his face on the iPad had a little read then burst out laughing too.

Laughing is that contagious. In fact it made me think would else is contagious?

Is raising my voice rubbing off onto him too, we all know they are little parrots when they hear us say bad words.

What about greediness and bitching about someone.

Lord please help me to have good contagious actions and words, so my beautiful boys see you through me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gift of Giving

Last week has been a terrible week for those in the flood affect areas.
It has been the only thing flickering back at us on from the television screen.

What can I do to help, having children meant that I didn't want to take them down there to help clean up, or even try and find the time to cook some yummy food for the volunteers like some awesome mums I know, Have been doing.

However, after seeing a facebook post from Caboolture church asking for supplies of different sorts I just knew this was one way I could do my little bit.

So I got Peter out to help me, asking him which toys he would like to give to the little children who now had none.
I wasn't sure he would understand, but he did, I didn't think he would actually want to give anything, But he parted with a lot.

'Hmmm Yes!!' would be the answer. 'Hmmm Yes' I don't play with that anymore.

'What books should we give them?', 'Hmmm This one, This one, This one'.

I was so blown away by his actions, we ended up with two boxes full of things Peter once treasured.
I am so proud to be a Mummy, a Mummy to my two little beautiful boys, who constantly teach me how to live a life for God.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Olivers 1st Birthday

Has a year really gone already? Can Oliver really be One years of age.
My head is in a fog, my mind cant comprehend how much can happen and change to a tiny newborn in one year.

Oh and on a different note, reminder to self, dont have babies in december. Birthdays get forgotten and lose there specialness. The one day we get to spoil them rotten and show how special they are to us and I go and give birth two days after christmas.


I know there is sooo much more for me to update you all on.... christmas.... life in general. But that will have to wait till another date.