Monday, September 27, 2010

Toilet Training Day ONE

Day One:

1 Wee on the grass
4 Wee's on the tiles
1 in the Toilet. YAY!!!!! 

So I thought today went rather well, We did a lot of running out doors in the dude. 
That was fun, I also found the potty I brought a long time ago.

This helped when we went inside and watched TOY STORY!! YAY Peter did a wee in it. 

I couldn't help but take some photos of him, he was so cute, and grown up looking. Where is my baby?

As For Oliver, shheeesshh He's still sick, and not very happy, MY poor little more boy. 

Anyway tomorrow is pre-school, Im going to tell them Iv started, but Im not sure if much will happen. Wednesday is another day though. 

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