Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last saturday night, my boys had a sleep over... well untill 10pm. While the adults played board games on the kitchen table the kiddys were put to bed.

Our fingers were crossed hopping, wishing that this sleep over would work... and I not sure if it worked the way we thought it might... but it did work.

They had loads of fun, giggling, chatting, running a muck. At one stage one had striped down to the nappy while the one played in the corner with the lego and the other hid under the bed.

Do we go in and try and shut them up and make them sleep, or do we sit back and listen to them having the night of their little lives.

I dont have any photos of the shenanigans that went down, but I found a picture of a rooms I want to have in my house. A bunk room, where each child has their own little corner for their little secrets and stories. while being in the same room where imagination and games can continue into the night.

Photo courtesy of Oh Dee Doh
The curtains are fun and add privacy on this built-in bunk. Imagine lots of kids playing peek-a-boo behind them!

Photo courtesy of Oh Dee Doh

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